Town centre

Derek and Abigail Wolfe to Sydney James Gordon, 70,941 acres on the Black Road; 450 thousand dollars

Jacqueline T. McAleese to Donald E. Rose, Lisbon Road House; $300

Miranda Shaw at the Wilbur Croft Motel on State Route 45 (Frol Motel); $135,000

East Liverpool

Cynthia McGrath to Gregory Grant, Park Avenue home $75,000

from James R Barnes to Robert Barnes and Lynn Schultz at Ray Street House; $8,840

Lynn Schultz and Robert Barnes – Lynn Schultz, House on Rye Street; $35,360

Douglas Kaiser in his LLC, an apartment on Lisbon Street and Wyoming Avenue (lease 4-19); 390 thousand dollars

Fairfield Township

Rebecca E. and Brian D. Kramer; Marilyn E. and Edith L. Falb, House on Cherry Fork Road; $430,000

Daniel A. Davison Mark Chamberlain, 10 Acres on State Route 7; $125,000

Lee A. Donald M. of Chamberlain, et al., and Kathryn S. Cattrell, 38 acres on Fairfield School Road; $425,000

Hanover municipality

Leroy H. Baker (trustee) B&N Baker Farms LLC, 140,387 acres on McCann Road; $275,000

Knox town

Utley – EAP Ohio LLC, oil and gas rights to 2.07 acres on Rochester Road; $13,455

Hardy's EAP Ohio LLC, 7,231-acre oil and gas rights on Rochester Road; $47,002

Caufield at EAP Ohio LLC, 3,312 acres of oil and gas on Rochester Road; $21,528

Scott and Thomas Rogers – EAP Ohio LLC, oil and gas rights to 2 acres of land on Mountage Road; $12,000


Marsha Kay Landfried to Brennan Zokolo, the house on North Jefferson Street; $165,000

Berry town

William M and Perina S. Hope at J&M Builders and Land Improvement LLC, 16.21 acres on Goshen Road; 120 thousand dollars


Gary L. Hochel Sr. to Matt Dessen, home on Southeast Boulevard; 270 thousand dollars

Robert K. and Mattie E. Brown to Sean Haynes, West 13th Street; $128,000

Lane to Jason Hall, the house on Woodland Avenue; 150 thousand dollars

DG Residential LLC by Rebecca De Sebrel, mobile home on West Perry Street; $113,200

James and John Tolson to Douglas David Tanley in a house on Madison Street; $125,000

Town of St. Clair

Darrell Hoebel of Volino Property Services LLC, on 21,397 acres on Old Frederictown Road; $269,192

Oica town

Charles E. and Rebecca LC, Jr. of WTJ Land Holdings LLC, other businesses on Bacon Avenue; $4,000


Evergreen Investment Group Limited, owned by Robert S. Hendrix (trustee), Main Street House; $25,000

Ronald L. York Drexler Post 5532 VFW. Stouffer, Lithonia Road Charitable Concession; $4,000


Jack Van Dievelde to Daniel Wells, Fifteenth Street, $99,900.

western town

Hugh Faun and Charity B. from Peterson to AMP V LP, 59,108 acres on Ridge Road; $179,364

from Laszlo Ballint to Merton Ballint, 19,287 acres on Buffalo Road; $83,433

No doubt. and Ruth W. Mangas to Joseph S. and Michelle L. Brian, Buffalo Road House; $325,000

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