Review: The First Amazon Fire QLED Series Is A Satisfying Upgrade (and Its 25% Off)

Review: The First Amazon Fire QLED Series Is A Satisfying Upgrade (and Its 25% Off)

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Arguably, the price was the biggest selling point of the Amazon Fire TV Omni series when I reviewed it last year. While price is a deciding factor for some when buying the best TVs, its performance in the photo department has been a bit disappointing. Honestly, its price was very reasonable, but it lacked the appearance of the best competitors in this segment.

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Enter the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED series, Amazon's flagship premium TV. With Quantum Dot technology, it displays vibrant colors and better contrast, making it a formidable contender in the major leagues. I've spent over a week trying it out and I can tell you it works.

Also, for a limited time, Amazon is offering a 25% discount to make this mid-range deal one of the best 65-inch TVs under $1,000 .

A Glimpse of the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series 65 inch

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Verdict : SPY Technology Editor John Velasco reviewed the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED series. Previously, Amazon Omni previewed the TV series after it aired in 2021. Overall, the new Omni QLED series is a welcome upgrade.

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  • Dimensions : 57.1 x 33.4 x 3.2 inches

  • Weight : 45.4 kg without support

  • Screen size : 65 inches

  • Resolution : 4K UHD 3840×2160

  • HDR Format : HDR10, HLG, Adaptive HDR10+, Dolby Vision IQ

  • Refresh rate : 60 Hz

  • HDMI Connector : 3 HDMI 2.0 + 1 HDMI 2.1 with eARC

  • Audio: Subwoofer 12W + 12W

it contains

A little more distinct aesthetic

Amazon has not changed its previous TV recipe. The Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED series still has a tough plastic body with minimal bezels around the screen. In fact, at its thinnest point, it measures less than half an inch across at the top, while the back, which hides power plugs and outlets, grows to 3.2 inches.

The silver frame adds a great aesthetic and sets the Omni tastefully apart from the standard range, but overall it is a sleek and modern living room ready TV. The HDMI and audio ports are all located on the right side of the TV, which may mean that some cables protrude. I wish it was closer to the center of the TV. So when the cables are attached to the wall, it is easy to keep them out of sight.

Significantly improved image quality

For this review, I tested the 65-inch version of the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED series, which offers native 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) . Needless to say, as with the standard Fire TV Omni series, details are plentiful and rich.

What really stands out are the higher brightness, vivid colors and better viewing angles. Specifically , it got a reading of 740 lux at continuous peak brightness , which puts it on par with premium TVs like the LG C2 OLED TV. Colors have also been greatly improved, thanks in part to Quantum Dot technology. I love the amazing exposure range it offers when reading HDR ready content, even in the shadows and highlights.

It's really different from the standard Omni day and night series. Additionally, the improved contrast ratio eliminates the milky gray I previously experienced from the Omni series, resulting in more accurate and realistic blacks. The annoying distortion element around the screen is also gone, thanks to the local dimming of the entire matrix, which better directs the light through the panel.

Other important functions

Underneath all that, the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED series runs on the same Fire TV operating system that you'll find on any other Fire TV. It's fast and easy with a navigation interface that can access all my favorite streaming services. In addition to using the Alexa remote to control Alexa, the TV's built-in microphone provides effective access to Alexa without the need for a remote control, giving you the same functionality as an Alexa-enabled smart speaker.

The Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED series goes a step further and adds a presence sensor . This single add-on greatly expands functionality for several reasons. First, it can now tell if someone in the room is watching TV . The sensor automatically launches the Fire TV Ambient Experience 5 minutes after you leave the room. Yes, the power will still be used, but you can change the settings to turn the screen off completely. I chose to set Do Not Disturb to turn on Ambient Experience during the day but turn it off completely before bed.

Think of it as a screensaver, but with easy-to-use widgets that also display the weather outside, access to smart home devices, and notifications. I love how this experience can mimic the look of artwork on a wall thanks to its adaptive brightness and realistic colours. In addition to static elements, there are other animation options that give it a dynamic look.

Second, I'm curious how a presence sensor can improve home security. Currently, the sensor is only used to detect motion and trigger the ambient experience when it's not available. But I was told that the sensor could be used for routine actions in the future, such as turning on the light automatically or sending a notification to my phone when someone enters the room. The new Amazon Echo Dot (5th generation) can already do just that with the watch, so hopefully the Amazon Fire TV can do the same with the Omni QLED series.

Our Verdict: Should You Buy the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series?

So should you buy the new Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series TV? We say yes.

Amazon is working hard to become a serious player with the Fire TV Omni QLED series. With an MSRP of $800 for the 65-inch model and $1,100 for the 75-inch model, the price is perfect for comparing the Fire TV Omni to its cheaper siblings in the standard lineup.

However, it currently costs less than $600 , making it attractive value for money. While some contemporaries like the Hisense U7H can offer an attractive 120Hz refresh rate, I didn't mind offering the Fire TV Omni QLED series at 60Hz.

All in all, you will be pleased with the significant improvements and advanced features of this Fire TV.

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series 65 inch

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