‘RRR Is Not A Bollywood Movie, It’s A Telugu Film’: SS Rajamouli’s Statement At US Screening Has Internet Divided

'RRR Is Not A Bollywood Movie, It's A Telugu Film': SS Rajamouli's Statement At US Screening Has Internet Divided

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SS Rajamouli's historic RRR with Ram Charan and Jr. Starring NTR, it was a huge hit in Hollywood and the film won several awards including the Golden Globe for Best Original Song and other awards from the city critics. Organizations

The film was screened in several cities in the US. SS Rajamouli and NTR Jr. at the final screening held at the prestigious DGA (Directors Guild of America) Theater in Los Angeles on January 7th. they answered the questions of foreign journalists. Now the video is going viral since the day the director said that RRR is a Telugu film and not a Bollywood film.

“This is not a Bollywood film. I am from South Indian Telugu theatre. But I use the songs to move the film forward, to move the story forward, not to stop the film and give a piece of music. or dance I use those elements to move the story forward,” said the director.

Rajamouli's statement divided the internet as some people supported him while others complained that the serial director should have mentioned that Baahubali RRR is an Indian film instead of sharing it. Here are some responses from Twitter microblogging platforms.

Masterpiece SS Rajamouli starring Ram Charan and Jr.NTR is a fictional story of Telugu freedom fighters Aliri Seetharama Raju and Kumaram Bhim. Since there is no record of what happened to these freedom fighters while they were away from home, RRR explored the story's blind spot for the film's actors. The film released in its original Telugu release on 25 March 2022 and was dubbed into Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

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