Six Art Exhibitions You Shouldnt Miss In September

Six Art Exhibitions You Shouldnt Miss In September

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From historic paintings to contemporary installations, art historians aren't the only ones who work in museums and galleries. Here are six must-see exhibits.

1. Document 15 – Castle

Organized by Indonesian artists Ruangrupa, the world's largest contemporary art fair finally reopens its doors this year. They have made the fair a part of their country's culture. According to the policy of Lumbung (literally translated as "common storage of rice"), Ruangrupa is committed to closer cooperation in the field of arts and culture. Paintings, sculptures and a wide variety of other installations can be seen in 32 exhibition spaces spread throughout the castle. By the way, documents are passed only once every five years. So if you don't want to wait until 2027 for your next chance, you can see a colorful selection of art from around the world until September 25.

2 Shaping the World – Harford

While the documentaries take place in the present, the constructed worlds take the viewer back to the early 20th century. At that time, a new form of painting developed – abstract art. Developed by Wassily Kandinsky, then a legendary Bauhaus teacher, the style spread throughout Germany and Eastern Europe and continues to influence the art world today. With the works of German and Hungarian artists, the exhibition presents the whole range of abstract art, which impresses with interesting compositions of colors and shapes. The exhibition will open on September 16 at the Ahlers Pro Art Foundation, after which it will be open until December 11.

3. Forms of independence – Potsdam

The current exhibition at the Barberini Museum is also dedicated to abstract art. However, the emphasis here is on post-WWII work, and you can see it. The uncertain political situation created after 1945 greatly influenced the art of this time. instead of structured pictorial compositions of circles and rectangles, expressive landscapes of colors and strokes. Freedom Form includes more than 90 works by German and American artists and will run until September 25.

4. Barama-Kungelsau

Edita Kadirich's paintings are currently on display at the Wirth Museum. Born and raised in what is now Bosnia, Kadirich survived the war in Yugoslavia. He develops these experiences in his art. In this cycle, he goes from childhood, from the ugliness of the world, to the safe sphere of Kadirich, his cocoon. The motifs of his paintings are girls and young women with empty, almost sad eyes. On the contrary, there are elegant forms and bright colors, aesthetics and harmony. Kadirik's unique style is simple, passionate, timeless. If you want to see Barama with your own eyes, you can do it until November 13.

5. Expressionists in Folkwang – Khan

Cauldron also has a lot to offer when it comes to art. Folkwang Museum's latest exhibition is devoted to Expressionism, perhaps the most revolutionary art movement of all time. Clear patterns and strong color contrasts. expressionists used painting not to represent reality but to express their emotions and make a political statement. A method ubiquitous in modern art, but seemingly unimaginable at the time. The exhibition consisting of 250 paintings is dedicated to the work of the most famous group of German artists, the Blue Horsemen, which included Wassily Kandinsky. The paintings will remain in the Folkwang Museum until January 8 next year.

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6. Reinforcements – Wolfsburg

The name speaks for itself in this exhibition. It's about feminist perspectives of the present and the future at the Autostadt Art Museum. About 100 installations from more than 50 countries create an artistic dialogue about injustice, identity, protest and many other interesting topics. This means not only a diversity of art, but above all a diversity of artists. A show for anyone who wants to expand their horizons and talk about all kinds of feminist issues. It was opened on September 10, then extended until January 8.

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