Sonic Frontiers Beginners Guide: 5 Tips And Tricks To Get Started

Sonic Frontiers Beginners Guide: 5 Tips And Tricks To Get Started

Meet the Chili Hounds and start blasting Crush 40 as Sonic is back in action in his latest 3D adventure. When Sonic Frontiers was first introduced, many people praised it as a game like Breath of the Wild because it was set in a huge open world. To a certain extent, this comparison is valid, but you will find this game just like any other Zelda game. While Sonic Frontiers doesn't revamp any of the mechanics, it does make a splash in several areas of the open world.

Fans of Sonic games – 2D, 3D or both – are in for some big surprises when Sonic Frontiers comes out. As Sonic Team puts it, open world or open space is easy to understand, but when all the new mechanics and new systems are combined, it can become overwhelming and confusing. Before you start this new adventure, here are some tips and tricks to help you get started playing Sonic Frontiers .

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I have to go quickly

The sound is repeated on the track. © Provided by Digital Trends The sound repeats on the track.

The Sonic Core mechanic has always been and always will be very fast. Things are different in Sonic Frontiers , but how speed works is completely different here. When you first start playing, you may find that the little hedgehog isn't as fast as you might expect. This is because Sonic now has the stats he needs to level up, and speed is one of them.

Sonic's speed stat can go up to 99, and you should prioritize that stat first. Every area in Sonic Frontiers is huge, and being able to navigate through them makes the overall flow of the game much smoother.

Priority of memory tokens and storage keys

Eggman's ship landing. © Courtesy of Eggman's Digital Trends Boat Dock .

As you explore the Sonic Frontiers map, you will come across many collectibles. Of course, everything is useful, but if you want to focus on developing the main story, you should prioritize deposit tokens and vault keys.

Memory Tokens are what you need to summon Sonic's lost friends in this area of ​​the map. This unlocks additional story chapters and side quests to complete.

All you need to unlock all the Chaos Emeralds are the Vault Keys. After collecting all the emeralds on this island, you can fight the boss.

Delete card

Sonic exploring the landscape in Sonic Frontiers. © Provided by Digital Trends , Sonic takes a look at Sonic Frontiers.

Your card will be your best friend in Sonic Frontiers . But like most open-world games, you can't see everything without checking it out first. When you enter a new area, first approach the icons with red question marks. These are small tasks or puzzles that take less than a minute and once you complete them, you unlock a section of the map.

Hedgehog pinch

Sonic dodges enemy attacks in Sonic Frontiers. © Provided by Digital Trends Sonic dodges enemy attacks in Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers has more features than any other Sonic game. Sonic's feel with the controls is probably the most important part of any Sonic game, and your options here are vast to make the blue camo more responsive.

In the game settings menu, the main settings to adjust when you feel something is wrong are steering feel , acceleration, jump height and autosum. The first three sliders need to be adjusted and tested individually, but the automatic combination should turn on immediately. Sonic has a lot of moves to unlock in this game, and remembering these combos can be a bit tricky. Auto Combo lets you attack easily and allows the game to choose the (mostly) perfect moves for a given situation.

Keep things simple

Confused, Sonic points his finger at Amy Rose's house. © Courtesy of Digital Trends Confused, Sonic points his finger at Amy Rose in the cage.

While some of us get nightmares just thinking about hunting down a big cat, it's one of the most lucrative ways to do it in Sonic Frontiers . You have to manually find the bigger one on the map, but it's worth a look.

Hunts are rewarded with tokens, which can be exchanged for any in-game item, including memory tokens, treasure keys, and upgrade items. Because fishing is so quick and easy, this is the fastest way to cut all the items you need.

An overview of the sound border

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