Storytelling Plus Technology Equals Freedom: Author Jason Primrose

Storytelling Plus Technology Equals Freedom: Author Jason Primrose

Web3 owes its existence to the science fiction and storytelling that created the digital worlds developers are now trying to recreate. At Camp Decrypt, a group of Web3 creators and futurists including Jason Michael Primrose, Amanda Terry, Artemisia-X and Cas Vegas meet with host Shira Lazar to discuss Web3 storytelling.

[205Z] was my Web3 station ,” says Primrose, author of 205Z : Time and Salvation and co-host of LorePlay on Rag Radio. "Taking a futuristic sci-fi world and making it a collective experience."

For Primrose, storytelling means freedom, and using her imagination allows her to do anything.

"By securing my ability to write and tell stories, it opened up freedom for me in terms of technology, lifestyle and relationships," says Primrose.

Web3 stands on the shoulders of giants. Science fiction has played an important but underappreciated role in the development of digital currency, art, and a growing number of projects calling themselves Web3. From Isaac Asimov's Artificial Intelligence, William Gibson's Cyberspace and Neil Stephenson's Metaverse.

Snow Crash author Neil Stephenson creates a "free metaverse" called Lamina 1

Like Primrose, digital nomad Artemysia-X began its story before becoming involved with Web3.

"When Web3 came along," he says, "I realized it was a much better model for authors to create [intellectual property] that they own and control, with the potential for many."

In June 2021, Artemisia-X started the joint history project "The Book of Worlds".

"I'm really excited about the multiplayer mode that Team Shell developed for the first time," stated Artemisia-X. "An immersive and engaging experience, that's how I started developing the Rage Radio rewards program."

Artemisia-X says what excites her most about Web3 storytelling is blockchain, and she has used blockchain extensively to create digital content. In addition to creating software, Artemisia-X Solana is an author of the manga Saiba Gang , which uses the blockchain, and loremaster of several projects including Broccoli DAO's Cybervillainz NFT group and co-host of the LorePlay podcast on Rage Radio. .

"In Web 3, the community pays the value of a project," said Artemisia-X. "When a participant pays value, it is right that they receive value in return."

Artemisia-X says that since the company is called New Oil, those who come to these projects and pay attention to them are offering something of incredible value.

"Literature is often left as a medium," Primrose said. "When we think about what underlies everything, from the music to the script, it gets written first."

Primrose says there is a way to support literature and literacy and put them in technology first and not last.

"Literature may not be as exciting as cinema or music," he said. “But it's still powerful; we need to champion and empower people to write tech-related stories.”

"Technology needs to move in unison with the creative side," added Cass Vegas, Community Lead at Feature, the company behind Huxley, Ben Mauro's Ethereum NFT comic book series dedicated to non-fungible tokens and the future. Intellectual Property Rights. "While most focus on the profitability of NFTs, it was the issues that drew me to space."

One problem, he said, is the lack of diversity and representation in the space.

"For the feature and Huxley, we brought in an amazing Web 2 artist, Ben Morrow, who made Call of Duty and Halo Infinite," Vegas said. "We took it to this crazy world where we promised this whole community that even if it came into the community from a big network, we had to build it from scratch."

"Nobody was dealing with intellectual property and licensing on the channel," Vegas said. “If you think of the blockchain as a public ledger for transactions, great, but what can we make transparent on the blockchain? Can we do transactions, licenses, IP transparency? This is the 'complex balance between technology and creativity halfway'. another and crosses the border".

Marvel producer Arad Huxley will film the Ethereum NFT comic book

MetaGood COO Amanda Terry added, "In terms of storytelling and the way developers interact with our community, the main thing we relate to is our community, our pool of actions." created social good,” Terry said after NFT Monkey’s on-chain auction raised 12.5 ETH. The proceeds from the auction went to UNICEF's Giga Connect project, which brings internet to schools around the world.

"Another historical example," continued Terry, "Julia Landauer was the only driver at a NASCAR race and we have a monkey on a leash in her car, we have made race jackets that are 95% sold at Fred Segal The Proceeds go to Julia and 5% goes to a non-profit STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) organization you want to support.

Primrose describes his Lost Children of Andromeda series as a path to freedom through literature. And while having millions of followers is a goal, having a community of engaged readers is even more important and achievable.

"There are 1,000 to 2,000 people who want to read and consume my stories and that's my livelihood," he said. "People can do that."

Primrose says the plan for the Lost Children ecosystem is to create a community that can continuously write stories and invest in the development of the world because they are a part of it. Primrose envisions this community as a read token system where readers can earn collectibles from their favorite books by reading their stories.

Disney prepares to push Metaverse as CEO calls it "The Next Frontier for Great Storytelling."

Artemisia-X aims to democratize, not limit, corporate storytelling. Artemisia-X added: “Culture is a story, everything we interact with is based on a matrix of stories; those who tell stories create our reality and our sense of self.”

Looking at the current crop of indie metaverses thriving today, Primrose says the idea behind Web3 is one of freedom. However, Primrose wonders how free we could be if we locked ourselves into the digital world.

According to Primrose, the goal should be to create a place where people can explore the virtual world, connect with others, and thrive.

"The philosophy behind Web3 is wonderful and a little utopian," says Primrose. "But when we're stuck inside our heads, it doesn't matter what freedom is available outside of us."

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