Telling Creatively Educational Stories With Education Evangelist Claudio Zavala

Telling Creatively Educational Stories With Education Evangelist Claudio Zavala

How can you teach using creative tools?

Claudio Zavala is an education evangelist at Adobe. He is an innovator based in the education world for over 25 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He has worked as a teacher, tutor teacher, educational technology trainer and digital designer. She is passionate about helping students and teachers share their stories through digital tools. In the year In 2017, he founded I Am Claudius LLC, a creative media consulting firm that offers workshops and webinars on creativity, video creation and storytelling. Zavala has presented at various national and regional conferences, including ISTE, SXSWEdu, FETC, and TCEA. He has been part of the Adobe Express Ambassador program for two years. Claudio has spent the past 5 years creating tutorials for his YouTube channel. Zavala sat down with Forbes to talk creativity, stories and work.

Goldie Chan. Hi Claudio, thanks for joining us. What is your professional occupation?

Claudio Zavala. My journey was difficult. In high school, he dreamed of becoming an architect. He devoted himself to design and cabinet work. I took graphic design classes in college and worked in a college print shop for three years. I did everything: design, photos, printing, assembly, delivery, etc. Great experience! At one point in college, I lost my desire to be an architect and tried my best to be a janitor/firefighter. I know, quite a change. LOL! It wasn't for me, so I decided to become a Spanish teacher and baseball coach. I completed and received my teaching certificate in an alternative program in San Diego. I loved teaching.

In my 25-year teaching career, I continued to explore graphic design, web design, educational technology, photography and videography. Over the last 12 years of my career I have become a digital learning coach and trainer. I train teachers to use digital tools like Adobe Express to help them tell stories and help students share their own. I have been asked to present at conferences for Adobe and other technology companies. In the year In 2017 I started my own creative media consultancy. I also started my YouTube channel. Then this year I joined Adobe as an education evangelist.

i can't. With such a diverse career and background, what has been your favorite project you've worked on?

Zavala : I would have to say my favorite was starting and maintaining a YouTube channel. It has become one of my passions. In addition to helping others improve their storytelling skills, I can use videos and photos.

It may sound small, but how do you define your personal brand?

Zavala: Honestly, that's something I've never been asked. I would say my brand is clean, relaxed, simple yet elegant, approachable and easy to follow.

I know you are always working on something new. what are you doing today?

Zavala : I am currently working on several projects. I have fantasy sports planned throughout the year. I'm making short videos to share on social media that highlight the features of Adobe Express. Finally, I'm working on a creative industry event in October. Participants rotate between stations working on different creative tasks.

Don't we all appreciate having good creative partners? Who is the author you want to hang out with?

Zavala Wow! That's a very good question. The musician in me loves playing with my favorite bands, Toto. 🙂 But I'll leave my photo/video behind and say I'd love to collaborate with Peter McKinnon. It's a great visual story. Very encouraging!

I Can't What is your favorite part of the community?

Zavala : I am part of a community of exceptional educators who enjoy working with educators. Everyone is eager to enhance teaching and learning through digital tools.

No. What do you think will bring the story to life?

Zavala: Accuracy. People can see everything that is wrong. Be yourself when you share your story. It's okay to be inspired by others, but don't be them, be yourself. There is only one of you. Technically, vlogs are great for storytelling. Viewers love to see your space, it's like inviting viewers into your room.

Can't find the latest brand or career tips for this year?

Zavala: Don't wait, start now! It will not be a good time to start, you have to allocate time. Still like you! Copying and stealing ideas is fine, but you want to mix it up and find your own sound. Finally, never stop learning.

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