The Most Unforgettable Film And TV Moments Of 2022

The Most Unforgettable Film And TV Moments Of 2022

It's been a year filled with dragons, warriors and the multiverse on the big and small screens, and some images still live loosely in our heads. As the year comes to a close, here are the most memorable TV and movie moments of 2022:

Warning: This article always contains spoilers.

12. "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness": Wanda fights the Illuminati.

Can we take a moment to note that Marvel released a movie this year that not only relied on fan service, but actively tried to troll fans?

Such was the case with Doctor Strange's most memorable scene in Multiverse of Madness , which at first seemed to buck the trend of worst superhero movies. Doctor Strange finds himself in another universe where he is summoned to an Illuminati panel full of surprising episodes. Hayley Atwell returns as Peggy Carter, Patrick Stewart returns as Charles Xavier and most interestingly, John Krasinski will make his debut as Reed Richards. Over the years, playing Krasinski has been a dream come true for fans.

So was this just an example of Marvel lazily throwing in on-screen cameos to excite fans when it's not strictly necessary for the story? Well, not quite. Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff brutally kills each of these characters with surprisingly brutality for a seemingly childish movie, slicing Peggy in half with her shield, snapping Professor X's neck, and leaving Reed Richards in a pile of spaghetti. . …when his head explodes.

It was the exact opposite of fan service, as Marvel gave fans exactly what they wanted… only to quickly and brutally take it away from them. You can almost see director Sam Raimi smiling with satisfaction, waiting for our surprised and disgusted reactions. Fans wonder if the movie did Wanda justice, but it's definitely a wild and daring twist that the MCU rarely delivers.

11. "Evidence": Nathan Cor answers questions from the script.

No 2022 performance defines the phrase "derail" more than Nathan Fielder's performance.

The HBO series began with the now-ridiculous idea that Fielder would help real people experience big events in their lives. However, it has slowly evolved into a Charlie Kaufman-style work of art that makes us question the ethics of using child actors on television. The prohibition of sin, podría decirse que el programa todavia era más divertido cuando se apegaba a la premise original, y el hilarante piloto involcró a Fielder ayudando a verdadero fanático de las trivia, Kor Skeete, a subsara training.

The idea of ​​investing so much effort to plan a moment that is not that important is absurd. But for confusing reasons, at some point the player must ask Skeet a series of unexpected questions, the answers to which will help him prepare for the upcoming match. So, in Fielder's larger scheme, he developed less and less sophisticated ways to incorporate the answers into his daily walk.

It culminates in an incredibly choreographed moment by Fielder in which a "cop" (actually an actor) emerges from an active hostage situation when, to make sure Skeet knows the source of the gunpowder, the officer says 12 funny words from 2022: Some Days I Curse the Chinese for Inventing Gunpowder." Like Nathan to You , the second punch line is that the skunk thinks this could be a real situation. Fielder is like a crazy Willy Wonka, surrounded by people who just nod and say, “Okay. "

10. Barbarian: Introduction by Justin Long

The biggest surprise of the year was Jack Kreger's horror film The Barbarian , and no moment speaks to its delicious unpredictability more than Justin Long's portrayal of the character.

Going into the feature film, we're already over 40 minutes into the film, with what was supposed to be a seemingly simple and somewhat bland premise: it's about a woman, Tess, who is forced to stay in an Airbnb with a complete stranger. . , Keith. From the opening act, we can see where the rest of the movie is going, or at least we think: Keith is some kind of crazy maniac with something dirty in his basement, and there's going to be a cat and mouse game between him and Tess. will retire in the final showdown.

But then Tess goes down to the basement, sees Kitty being brutally murdered by a creature, and then… we cut to a brightly lit scene where Justin Long plays a character we've never met before. "Ricky". Tiki Tavi What 's going on? Who is this person? Why are we here ? Is Keith's story really over? What is the overall tone of this movie? The shock to the system that this shocking transformation and the realization that we have nothing more to expect from this moment is pure cinematic joy.

9 Obi-Wan Kenobi: Darth Vader is partially exposed

Let's throw out Hayden Christensen, who returned to Star Wars in 2022 to redeem himself.

The actor was teased for his role in the first Star Wars trilogy, but to be honest, even Daniel Day-Lewis couldn't nail some of George Lucas' dialogue. But nearly 20 years later, Christensen reprized his role as Anakin in the Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi and got a chance to wow fans with his performance, however brief.

In particular, there was a terrifying scene in the finale where we saw Christensen's face under the Darth Vader mask for the first time, at least in live action. As Vader's voiceover drops, we're left with alternate voices from James Earl Jones and Christensen for some sad last words between old friends. Anakin was initially enraged before telling Obi-Wan, "You didn't kill Anakin Skywalker, I did." An evil grin crosses his face and it's as scary as it is heartbreaking.

After this scene, viewers now understand better than ever why Obi-Wan later believed that Anakin had nothing left during the original trilogy. It's also always been a little hard to imagine Christensen in the Vader suit, since the prequels and the original trilogy look so different, so this scene does a lot to bridge that discrepancy. Ewan McGregor is shocked, going from Obi-Wan's guilt over what happened to Anakin to sadness that his friend almost died before our eyes.

Christensen will reprise his role as Anakin in Ahsoka , but if he doesn't return to Star Wars , it will be a strong note to go on.

8 Main Tracks: Maverick: Maverick and the Iceman

More than any other 2022 movie, Top Gun: Maverick is one we'll probably be watching on YouTube clips for the rest of time. From the incredible opening of Maverick 10 to a hall of surprised students finishing an exam, this is a film full of unique scenes that make you want to watch it immediately.

But the moment we can't stop thinking about is a quiet conversation scene with Val Kilmer returning as Tom "Iceman" Kazansky. He starred with Tom Cruise in the original Top Gun , but we're not sure how the film will handle the character since Kilmer lost his voice to throat cancer and is ready for the sequel. Initially, we only hear about Iceman and see Maverick texting him, so we assume that's how the movie came to him.

But then Kilmer himself appears on screen, and the script carefully constructs the entire sequence to give the actor a chance to play a meaningful role. It is explained that Iceman also has a speech impediment, but he communicates by typing on his computer, begging Maverick to delay Goose's death.

We briefly hear Iceman speaking and his voice has been digitally altered. But Kilmer's heartbreaking wordless performance and actual context make it one of the most emotional cinematic moments of the year.

7. "Pearl": monologue

It really was a year of long horror movie monologues.

First, " Resurrection " features Rebecca Hall's epic eight-minute monologue, which tells a chilling story about her past. But there was also one featuring Mia Goth in Pearl , an actress who, as far as we know, won it all in 2022. She gave not one, but two explosive performances in the same franchise in one calendar year, starting with X , in who was cast in two different roles: adult movie star Maxine Minks and an older woman, Pearl. But Goth returned less than a year later with " Pearl ," an original story that follows the title character when she was young, essentially serving as a 102-minute showcase of her talent.

There is no better example than Goth's exquisite seven-minute monologue, delivered by her friend Mitzi, but addressed to her husband Howard. She starts slowly before returning to Pearl with a complete breakdown, letting go of all her fears and insecurities and finally confessing to the murder.

In particular, he plays Goth, who makes us sympathize with this bloodthirsty maniac and does almost everything without a problem. But Mitzi's black comedy, which we've almost forgotten has been quiet for so long, is the final icing on the cake.

6 Better Call Saul Death [Spoilers]

" Better Call Saul " is the masterstroke of the finale We felt very sorry for Howard Hamlin.

Known as a hateful character at the beginning of the series, Howard becomes a tragic, painful character who is especially likable in the final season, where Jimmy and Kim begin to systematically break him. In the mid-season finale "The Plan and the Execution", they come up with an elaborate plan to ruin his reputation and pretend he's gone crazy, and after learning what they've done, Howard confronts them at his apartment.

As everyone speaks, a thrill runs through the viewer as a candle illuminates the room and red pours inside. We see where things are going and Howard is clearly in trouble. But we're guessing there's more to this clash . We think Jimmy and Kim are going to spend some time trying desperately to reason with Lalo.

But no. Lalo pulls out his gun and immediately shoots Howard in the head, causing his body to fall to the ground and we are also stopped by the sound of Jimmy and Kim screaming. It's possibly the most gruesome and brutal death in the entire Breaking Bad universe, and we'll go to our graves proclaiming #HowardHamlinDeservesBetter.

No. 5: Attack of the chimpanzees

It takes Knope more than a minute to realize we're in the hands of a confident director. The public bought a ticket to a UFO movie, but here we go… a sitcom and a picture of a bloody chimpanzee in a party hat?

The context quickly becomes clear when we learn that Steven Yeun's character Jupe starred in a sitcom as a child with a chimpanzee who once went berserk on set and brutally attacked the cast. So when about an hour into the movie, we suddenly go back to the sitcom taping, we're already horrified by what we're about to see. The ensuing attack is brutal and terrifying, and the screams of Jupe's colleagues and the sound of an animal devouring flesh are terrifying.

This is not only a shocking scene, but also one of the film's themes about the dangers of using animals for entertainment. For a film that also brings a lot of trauma to the subject, the scene speaks to this idea when Skirt tries to connect with Gordy using the Shore Punch; Even in this life and death situation, the language of television is on his mind. Even balloons that rise into the air and burst predict that the denim jacket will not eventually swallow the balloon.

Put it in a 2022 scenario we'd love to lose , but unfortunately Jordan Peele makes that impossible.

4. "The Fablemans": Sammy faces his bullying.

Based on the marketing, you might go into The Fableman expecting a simple, sensual homage to Steven Spielberg's magic movie. But throughout the semi-autobiographical film, he has more interesting ideas on his mind, best demonstrated by the climactic hallway scene.

At this point in the movie, Sammy Feibelman gets nothing but pain from the anti-Semitic school bully Logan. So when Sammy is tasked with shooting High School Jump, a side movie, Sammy can take the opportunity to get back at Logan and make him look like a jerk on screen. Instead, it's different: Sammy makes Logan the hero of the movie, and Logan becomes passive.

"அம் தியு ப்பு பிவுக்குக்குக்க்கு தும் உர்தை பர்ப்பு", ஸெம்மை காலை. "But I can't fly," लोगान answers. This moment represents Spielberg's calculation that he can value the best filmmaking above everything else in his life and even, almost unconsciously, does so against his own self-interest.

It seems like a natural ending in which Spielberg becomes unexpectedly self-deprecating, even in the scene where he imagines filming his parents to announce their divorce, suggesting that he's already thinking about turning this painful situation around. Art like Spielberg is doing with this film, and not just paying homage to his greatness.

3. "ಕಕ್ಗೆಗೆ ಸ್ಪ್ತಿಕ್ಟ್ಯೆ": ಉಡ್ನ್ಡಿ ವೆಕ್ತಿಕಿ

Almost every scene in Everything All At Once is a potential candidate for this list, from the heart-to-heart between the mother and daughter as they are both stoners, to the emotional ending of the plot involving Neta. تار کلده اکت راکون دیہ.

But the scene that we keep thinking about in the midst of this curiosity is the conversation between husband and wife. It takes place in an alternate timeline of the film, where Evelyn has become rich and famous. In this universe she seems to have everything except that she is not married to her husband Waymond. Their alternate personalities clash and Waymond wonders what could have happened if they were together.

otherwise, Evelyn told him, they lived in a small apartment above a laundry room. But "in another life," she says, "I want to do laundry and pay taxes with you." It's both romantic and heartbreaking, and a film that makes us think about all the ways in which we live, reminding us that if we step back, we'll realize that we're living the best life. . after all.

2. "House of the Dragon": विसेरिस सिंहासनेर कार्ण प्रेष्टेवरण.

For most of the House of the Dragon series, it was unclear whether the show's choice to skip years between episodes actually worked. Often the beginning of a new episode can confuse us because we didn't have enough time to establish the status quo before it changed dramatically.

But the decision paid off in Lord of the Tides. In this eighth episode, the series reflects the ravages of time by portraying a dilapidated visage near death, a shocking contrast after we saw him as a healthy, relatively young man a few episodes ago. In almost every scene, it is absolutely difficult to see Viseris crying in pain. But the main conflict is Lord Corlys Velarion's brother, Waymond, who is vying for the throne of Driftmark, questioning the paternity of Rahenara's children and, accordingly, his legitimacy as heir.

Visaris could figure everything out on his own, but Alycent and Otto mostly ruled for him while he was in bed. But when the case is being investigated, Visaris surprises everyone with his unexpected appearance. For over a minute, he slowly passed out on the couch, clearly in great pain, as he had to come off painkillers to stay alert.

when you think it's the last act to the death to show your love for your daughter and protect her even in great pain, this is one of the most heroic episodes of all of Game of Thrones, thanks in particular to Ramin Jawadi . Mahakavya score But without Paddy Considine's impressive performance none of it would have worked. What did you see, Golden Globe voters? of course not.

1 अचेना गेनिस: हिल रान

Stranger Things really knocked it out of the park this season, and not just in song choice.

But while introducing the new villain Vekna, the Netflix show came up with a brilliantly innovative idea that the key to defeating him is listening to your favorite song that brings you back to the real world. It made for a terrifying scene that introduced a whole new generation to Kate Bush's joy when she hears "Running Up That Heel" while in Max Vekner's clutches, letting her escape. This was already a sharp line in the context of the season, considering that at this moment the threat of Max's death was not only very real, but also almost inevitable, so that his survival brings a cathartic liberation.

Но добавление к силе стене было выбор вкрапления клипов, в хорошо Макс общаяться со сообщение со сообщение в сообщение шоу, кожа песня доставка свое емеционального апогея. It was about the idea that art, and especially music, can evoke memories of a certain time and place, which in this case also evokes nostalgia for the spectacle itself. But what is even more important, music also reminds us of who we are, what is important to us and why we should live. В год, full of films about the magic of cinema, here is a show about the magic of music.

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