The Secret To Enjoying The Toddler Stage: Tips And Tricks From A Mom Who Loves It

The Secret To Enjoying The Toddler Stage: Tips And Tricks From A Mom Who Loves It

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Yes, this is news to me as a parent too. There is a term in childcare called the "potato stage". According to many studies, this is similar to the stage of helplessness, when the child needs constant support, supervision and, of course, lots of hugs.

The beautiful baby potato has become the subject of a popular legend. This is why girls (and boys) love dolls. Small potatoes are adorable, although some parents prefer the more advanced early stage.

The parenting world is divided on which moments in your child's life are the most enjoyable, according to the debate on the topic. Here are some points from a discussion about which stages of childcare bring us the most joy.

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1. It's binary for some

There is a lot of guilt, which evokes great sympathy from sympathetic parents. Many moms and dads lack karma in the baby stage, some even say they hate it. "It's annoying. It's stressful. I end up having anxiety," admits one parent.

2. Housework. fun with a toddler but impossible with a baby

Anyone who lives in a household with children of all ages will agree that babysitting is a lot of fun. Add a toddler to the mix, though, and it becomes a military-grade escape.

3. Live before you sleep

Many times parents have nothing to do. The animal can stand alone for hours. the child needs constant supervision, interaction and reassurance to wake up. Surprisingly, many parents describe how they "live before sleep" during the baby stage.

4. There are many regrets

I see time fly by as my son progresses through each developmental stage. When you have a child, time slows down, but it's important to live while you can. Some moms say they still blame themselves for not having enough time and will enjoy those days more next time.

5. Sign it

The grass is not always greener with children. Some mothers (like my wife) go through a rough, colicky pregnancy just to keep the baby happy (like my son). However, others have to deal with unruly children who make parents cry for their desired day.

6. Terrible energy problems

Raising a child can be like good torture, but without the epithet. It can be really scary. The most important stage of feeding a baby is often the most difficult, especially if, as a poor parent, your baby is lactose intolerant and hates milk formulas.

7. What is the problem?

It's surprising how overtly protective some parents are of their child, which can be frustrating for apathetic or new parents. One of the participants in the discussion expressed his regret for not having children, but now "I miss my child very much". I agree with that, every stage is magical.

8. It's getting hard

The reception of experienced parents is always accompanied by a fierce smile and the knowledge that they have won a medal in this competition. Yes, babies whine and shake when they're tired, but once they start using their legs, you'll be ready for short, unannounced rescue sprints. Children have a lot of energy.

9. Oh Dance!

Children love to dance and sing. Sadly, it was gone by the time my son was six, although I still catch him throwing scraps every now and then. Some parents agree that dancing with their children is why children are the best.

10. Children talk

Nothing is better than being able to talk to your little one and hear jokes without jokes or annoyance. If you're like the parent on Thread, you love hearing your little angel describe "simple things like birds or cars." Note: Hide your cell phone in their game room and record the sound. Nothing makes this dad laugh like his son's toy voice or sound effects.

This thread inspired me to write this post.

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