‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ Review: A Prequel Too Fast For Its Own Good

'The Witcher: Blood Origin' Review: A Prequel Too Fast For Its Own Good

Geralt of Rivia is at the center of The Witcher universe in his books , video games and Netflix series. The great monster hunter is the Wizard. The mythology mixes bloodline, magic, blood and war with a tangled story that requires you to keep track of everything and stay true to the characters. Mysteries and questions still float in the fog, and The Witcher. Blood Origin answers at least one of them. How did the first Witcher appear?

This prequel series is the second part of the popular Netflix Witcher franchise , consisting of four episodes, which will be released on December 25th. The show was originally meant to consist of six episodes, and the shorter length didn't do much in its favor in terms of character development.

As promised, viewers will meet the characters who laid the foundation for the monster slayers we know, along with stories from other storylines from the original series. There is a universal prophecy and a motley crew of seven Chosen Ones to unite in a common cause. They are all lost souls, if you hear this, stop me.

Sometimes Blood Origin sounds like Game of Thrones, Rings of Power , Willow , or Wheel of Time (you get the idea), but one thing this show does really well is connect the dots. I found myself saying. "Hey, I'm ___." Sometimes, if you're new to the franchise, there's plenty of action to keep you going, but all the good sword fighting in the world isn't going to help you figure out how they fit together.

Fans of The Witcher know that when Geralt's amber eyes turn black, he's in monster slaying mode. This fast-paced, action-packed, action-packed series is not only the first look of its kind, but also a historical look at Xin'trea (later Cintra) and The Prophecy of Ithlinne. We don't explore the famed werewolf school of Caer Morhen, as the focus here is on the elves and their dominance of the continent's politics, magic, and society. Elves put on these shows and you will find that most of them are holes.

The story takes place in Ball Conjunction more than a thousand years before Geralt's time. Showrunner Declan de Barra deliberately captured this mystical moment from Andrzej Sapkowski's book and built an entire show around it. At a Netflix fan event, Tudum said that as we worked on the second season of The Witcher, "we had story points that we couldn't fix because we had to figure out what happened." So the introduction to this book takes us back to a time when the elves were ruled by a distinct caste system of kings, wealthy nobles, merchants, warriors and boys. Some want peace and some want conflict. A disappointed dwarf? Yup! A bad boy? Yup! People? No brutal fights that splash blood on the camera lens. Yes, it's true.

A familiar face greets us in the opening scene of the first episode, which is a nice nod to let you know that this premise is connected to the original series. Sorry, this isn't Geralt, or even Vesemir, but everyone's favorite obnoxious bard, Jasquier (Joey Batey). Clearly, the theme of this version of The Witcher is the power of storytelling. Whether told in song, gossip, or as campfire stories, stories are meant to inspire and transform real outcomes. As the narrator and Shonchai, the Mini Driver character takes Jasquier home.

Elle (Sophia Brown) is a warrior of Clan Raven loyal to the Kingdom of Brescia. Though now a famous poet, he has many enemies and a grudge against Fyal (Laurence O'Fuaren), an exiled Sintrei warrior who lost his job due to his alignment with a princess. Fajal and Eli decide together to take revenge on those who have wronged them.

While on the run, they eventually come into contact with Xiang Michel Yeo , a master swordsman and the last member of the Ghost Tribe. Yeoh doesn't disappoint with his performance, whether it's the lively scenes or the calm way he expresses his point of view. We learn quite a lot about Skian and his people to see his agenda, but it's nice to see how his clan feeds into the prophecy that drives the entire series.

Four other characters join Aile and Fyal on their mission, which turns into a quest to save the world on the brink of revenge. There are the celestial twins Cinderella and Dick, endowed with magical powers, and Brother Death, a skilled fisherman with a sinister penchant for the hook. Milduff, a troll who is initially shown to be a would-be psychopath, possesses a powerful hammer named Gwen. And he sure knows a lot about the monoliths, another wink.

Who will they be with? An unexpected coup derails everything and leaves the gang to take down the empire. There's more than one villain here. An arrogant super-wizard named Balor ( Lenny Henry , also in "Rings of Power") deciphers interconnected magic and unknowingly sets cosmic events into motion. His courtship of Iridin, whom many will recognize as the Wild Hunt in video games and major TV shows, made Balor feel like himself. But with great power come great sacrifices and many betrayals.

The brutal fight scenes are unsettling and the casualties are in true Witcher style: the graphics. Most of the costumes are great, but if you're expecting traditional medieval costumes, remember that this is an elven civilization that developed in a time before monsters and humans interacted.

Over the course of the show, we see how the Magnificent Seven become friends or lovers. Some of them followed. Zachary develops a romantic relationship with Brother Death, a relationship that was established prior to this prequel. Mildov is heavy, but sad. It was supposed to be a love story between our two stars, Fjal and Elil. However, there never seems to be enough time for their chemistry to blossom into an epic true love. They share a connection, but the romance needs to heat up a little more to reach our hearts.

While this part of the series feels very rushed, you will still be rewarded for work and setting group goals before they're done. One reason is the show's insistence on drawing attention to Elle's songs. She sings at first, but loses her desire to be a "bird" when everything goes dark. Part of her journey is to see if her voice can change the world.

The sorcerer. Blood Origin provided us with the prototype of The Witcher, helping us explain the plot details of the first two seasons of the original show, while also bridging the narrative for the upcoming Season 3. of the bloodlines, elves and monsters of the continent. That is why it is better to pay special attention to the last episode of the series, probably the best.

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