Tips And Tricks For Playing A Buster In Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

Tips And Tricks For Playing A Buster In Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

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  • Use the syringe occasionally to measure PKE
  • First, focus on looking at the lesions
  • Ghost Trap or push

The first Ghostbusters movie, while some aspects haven't aged well, is still a classic, and Ghostbusters Unleashed is a great way to introduce people to it. While most of the original team remains, some classic elements return as you and other players take on the role of Buster.

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In online matches with AI or anyone who decides to join your game, you have to go to certain places and try to avoid them, chasing ghosts. But, even with numbers, being good at it is no easy task, so you have to prepare accordingly.

Use the syringe occasionally to measure PKE

Essential for any exercise, the PKE meter is a very reliable way to track energy . You often need to extract this tool to find cracks and ghosts .

Although it's a weapon, the counter has a burst function that creates an AoE energy attack that can stun ghosts and damage rifts in an area . The problem is that using it not only causes an error until it is installed, but also works. So, you should only use the blaster when things get a little tough.

A trip for two

In a four-person team, the fourth person fighting the ghost doesn't slow down the gameplay. Ghosts are incredibly mobile, so you better cover more ground . If you go in a party of four, you'll be stronger but also more agile and open to Spirit's powerful AoE abilities.

The practicality of the journey is two-fold, as it allows you to cover the hot terrain and also gives you an edge when encountering ghosts . This is especially useful for breaking cracks, which can be very difficult.

First, focus on looking at the lesions

Ghosts by nature, he relies on Rifts to revive him whenever he is captured. At the beginning of the game, there are three cracks that appear randomly on the map . You need to use the PKE meter to track and destroy them. After all the cracks are gone, you can catch the ghost and end the game.

If there is only one crack left , focus quickly to find it and then blast it every now and then, this can attract ghosts to you . You can fight back when Rift appears to protect you.

Do not allow mucus to form

As in the first movie, the ghosts can't kill the Busters, but can only create mud. They use their abilities, sneak attack, summon minions and in some cases attack directly .

When you get dirty, a bar will appear in the center of the screen that tells you how much dirt you have accumulated.

The more mud you have, the harder it will be to remove, and if you remove too much, you will fail until it is completely removed . To avoid this, be sure to clean your phone as soon as it gets dirty.

Ghost Trap or push

Like Bright, your proton packs can't destroy ghosts, but you need them to capture them. You can attack it by focusing your fire on the ghost and hook it like a fishing rod. You can slowly move the ghosts in the direction you choose to direct them towards the trap you set and opened.

Unfortunately, the snare does not have a clear range indicator, which looks like a small flash of light. To ensure a successful capture, push or pull the ghost in a straight line rather than cornering it.

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