Tips And Tricks

Tips And Tricks

While the early hours of Scorn focus mostly on environmental storytelling and puzzle solving, Ebb Software's horror adventure eventually begins to focus on combat skirmishes and rough rides with ruthless men.


For those looking to maximize their potential to survive the various horrors of Scorn, here are some tips and tricks to ensure you fight another day.

tips and tricks

Looking for a specific tip or advice? You can switch between the entries in this list using the table below.

save ammo

Although you get the first Scorn weapon at the start of the game, you won't have access to an actual ranged weapon until Act 3 . Considering you've spent hours with the game's low-damage shotguns , it can be tempting to add weapons like pistols and shotguns as options to mindlessly throw enemies around.


However, unless you want the Scorn sections to be much harder, your best bet is to use very little ammo . Ammo stations are rare, and even when you do find them, they give you such a small amount of ammo that you can use them up in seconds if you're not careful.

If you're running out of ammo, don't be afraid to switch back to the bolt gun when you're facing weaker enemies like those on foot . It's also a viable tactic to completely run away from enemies unless they're defending a vital. Play smart and well equipped if you want the best chance to escape the unspoiled nightmare world of Scorn.

Make every shot count

Expanding on the previous point, shooting Scorn is much more than just blindly shooting the first monster you see. If you shoot without proper aim, you will miss most of your shots, so you have to take your time if you want to count all the bullets.

When a monster approaches, keep your distance , stand still , aim for the creature's head and wait for the reticle to focus . When the net is at the closest point, fire the gun. If you shoot to aim as soon as you raise your weapon, your shots will often miss, allowing the enemy to knock you down. The picture above shows the cross at its closest point.

stay well


It might sound silly, but Scorn never officially tells you how to use healing items. After entering your first health station in Act 2 , you'll have healing beads that can be placed on your wrist to replenish health.

To use a healing orb, press RB if you're on Xbox (or use a controller in general) or E if you're playing with a mouse and keyboard. After using a health orb, your health will continue to regenerate for a few seconds , so don't use all your health orbs at once. After all, they should last until you find another treatment facility .

Use soil as cover

I feel sorry for the chargers you met Acts 3 and 4 , all Scorn enemies will rely on ranged combat to attack, either throwing acid , throwing grenades, or throwing projectiles . This can be a real problem, especially in the early game when you have to rely on the Bolt Action Rifle to damage the muzzle.

The best way to avoid taking unnecessary damage from enemies is to use cover wisely . Most Scorn battlefields will be covered in crumbling pillars, tall architecture, or masses of flesh. Use them to your advantage. Attack the enemy while using the bolt gun, then hang back until they get close enough to hit by blocking beam attacks.


At the same time, when using a weapon, mentally mark the surrounding terrain in case you need to reload or switch weapons. Cover is essential to survival in Scorn , and it would be wise to take advantage of it.

Don't be afraid to run away

Unless enemies are getting in the way of an important item or puzzle you need to solve, they're often worth avoiding altogether . While some enemies must be defeated to progress, others get in the way and will disappear quickly if you choose to defeat them.

If you're low on ammo or trying to save money for a big fight, try luring enemies into open areas and then walking around them. Once you leave the area, your tracker won't follow you very far and will likely disappear even if you go far enough.

check your inventory

This might sound like a no-brainer, but since Scorn doesn't have an actual tutorial, it's very easy to get lost. If you ever wonder how much ammo or health you have in stock, check your inventory by pointing the camera down.


The main character will look down at their feet and you can see the spider in the parasite's hand below, giving you a glimpse of what's in your inventory. Health beads can be seen surrounding the spider, while pistol and shotgun ammo glow yellow and can be seen in the center of the spider.

Always remember to refill

Another thing that may seem second nature, but can ruin a combat encounter is Scorn's long reload time . When running out of ammo, the protagonist must spend a few seconds equipping his favorite weapon while blocking the screen and avoiding running at top speed.

If you run into a group of enemies, it's a death sentence, so don't forget to reload your weapons between battles . This also applies to ammunition recovery. Picking up a weapon will not automatically reload the weapon , so be sure to do it manually when you can.

Switch weapons during fights

Related to the above, reloading in battle is one of the riskiest plays you can make. To minimize damage, make sure your pistol and shotgun are loaded before entering battle, and switch to the pistol when it's depleted.


Switching weapons is much faster than reloading, so you'll save a lot of time and health swapping between the two in battle.

Save the shotgun for bigger enemies.

When you pick up the shotgun in Act 4 , you're tempted to use it for everything. However, this weapon's power is best reserved for more troublesome enemies. After unlocking, rely mostly on weapons unless you encounter a magazine or a group of uncontrollable enemies.

If you're up against a single Leg Ringer or Tracker , the weapon will make quick work of them, so there's no point in hitting them with your strongest weapon.

Use shotguns to stun enemies.

While you won't unlock the pistol until Act 4 , the shotgun is a particularly useful weapon that makes the second half of the game much easier. Richest firearms ammunition. You won't get much ammo for a shotgun, but if you use it tactically, there is a way to save a ton of ammo.


In addition to hitting most enemies, shotguns will also stun them. Of course, this makes it easier to shoot later, but it also allows you to dodge and run away from enemies. If a porter or other enemy is coming your way and you don't have much ammo , get close, shoot with the shotgun , then run . You will defeat the enemy with most of your ammo intact.

Always stay out of the way

There will be several sections throughout Scorn where the path splits. Remember to try both ways when this happens. Contempt tends to hide most of its resources, be it extra ammo or health .

A good tip is to feel the difficulty of the actual part of the game. If you find yourself surrounded by enemies, chances are you'll have a handy supply of ammo or health nearby. This is most common in Act 4 , where the game starts hiding health machines and ammo in optional corridors.

Mentally write down anything you can't relate to

For those who struggle with Scorn's puzzles, the best way to find a solution to the problem is to make a mental note of every element you've tried to interact with so far. 1. Except by law

<target />


<target />

<target />

<target />

<target />

<target />

Puzzle Minecart with two solutions , each puzzle in the game will require you to use all the interactive objects in the puzzle area to solve it.

This means that if something glows white when you approach it, you must use it to complete the puzzle you are solving. This may seem daunting at first, but it's actually a very useful way to narrow down what you need to do next. If there are six items in the room and you have already used four of them , the next step will probably require completing the last two items .


Master the first lightning weapon

As I'm sure you've gathered from the other tips on this list , ammo is an important resource in Scorn, and you'll want to stockpile a lot of it . However, there is one weapon that does not use ammunition , the bolt gun .

You'll be stuck with this weapon for the vast majority of the game, but it's probably not your game. It's slow , clumsy, and can often knock you out in the middle of difficult stages, only shooting twice before starting. cooling down for a few seconds . However, it will be much easier for you to despise the early game if you are a pro with a bolt gun.

Find out what the range is , how long it takes to use the cooldown , and how many hits it takes to kill most enemies . It will usually be between 2 and 6 if you are struggling with ringworm. You can go into running mode from enemies while your lightning gun is active, knowing how far the splash attacks will reach and what cover you need to have to avoid them. If you stick with a bolt action rifle , ammo is rarely a problem .

Use your voice to detect enemies

There will be different parts of Scorn where enemies spawn from masses of flesh that come out of it and the ground. Often they don't spawn in front of you, just enter the area behind you or exit to other rooms. Your best course of action to avoid being ambushed is to listen for nearby enemies.


If you hear a small splash or screeching sound, there are enemies nearby. You can then find or track a position. However, your first suggestion will always be heard, so be sure to stay tuned.

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