Tunic Beginners Guide: 8 Tips And Tricks To Get Started

Tunic Beginners Guide: 8 Tips And Tricks To Get Started

Zelda-style adventure games have been more popular, though for some reason they seem underrepresented. Even Nintendo doesn't make many games that look and feel like classic 2D games. Already a clear nod to this inspiring series, Tunic isn't afraid to be the new Zelda experience we all love in all but name. Featuring a fox in a green cloak, this charming isometric game contains as many dangers as secrets.

Although Tunic borrows heavily from old Zelda titles, it doesn't just try to replicate them. Add new mechanisms and systems for learning. A key aspect of the game is collecting the game guide; However, it is not written in a language you can read. Instead, you should experiment to really understand everything from commands to items you can create yourself. This can cause missing mechanisms or systems to become a common task. In order not to lose too much in the wee hours of this adventure, be sure to write down these clothing tips and tricks.

look more

resistance management

A fox in a dark purple space. © Provided by Digital Trends Fox in a deep purple void.

Unlike a regular Zelda game, Battle Tunic features a very light, soul-like inspiration in the form of a stamina meter. It's the green bar next to the red health bar (and then the blue mana bar), which drains every time you dodge, attack, or block. When you run out, you will not only be able to perform these actions, but you will also take more damage from all the attacks that hit you during that time. To get it back, do neither of these things.

Don't push yourself too much and don't let your stamina drain, especially against bosses. Even if you have a chance of getting hit, sometimes it's best to stand back and regain your stamina to avoid a possible kill by leaving yourself vulnerable.

learn to run

Tonic guide page from the PS1 era. © Provided by Digital Trends The PS1 era guide page on Tunic.

Running is a skill you can do early in Tunic , but the guide doesn't specify how to do it either. To run, you just need to hold down the A or X button while moving, rather than just holding it to roll. Unlike a round of pits, your stamina doesn't run out. This makes it a good option to get out of danger if you find your green pole low next to a dangerous enemy. You can always run to retreat, heal yourself if needed, and then re-enter the fray.

Plus, it makes navigating the world much faster.

Improve your stats

A small fox looks at a statue in Tunica. © Submitted by Digital Trends A small fox looks at a tunic figurine.

Your heroic fox has many stats that can be improved as you explore and collect special items. While you can technically beat the entire game in your base form, getting strong is much more fun and satisfying. Each state requires a different item, in addition to cash, to be redeemed for a benefit. Here are all the items you can take to Fox Sanctuary and the stats you'll improve:

  • Pink Flower: Increases HP
  • Green feather: Increases resistance
  • Fang: Increases attack
  • Fox Statue: Increases defense
  • Blue mushroom: grow mana
  • Pink powder: Increases strength

Be sure to collect them whenever you have them and visit the shrine.

Medicine, shrines and tools.

Speaking of potions and shrines, the main way to restore your little fox's health is through a potion of faith. This, again on a soul-loving note, works the same way as your Estus balloon. You have a limited number of bottles you can use to heal, and they automatically refill when you rest in a shelter. However, the shrines also spawn any enemies you have defeated. Dranapies can be leveled up in two ways: by finding new full potion bottles or by collecting three shard potions to create one full potion. Each adds an additional therapeutic dose.

Tools or items will be very important to complete the game, access new areas and expand your options. You'll need to equip them from your menu, which will show you all your widgets on the bottom left. To get them ready, highlight the button you want and assign it to one of the three face buttons. You'll need to trade it out depending on the situation, but you should probably keep your trusty sword for one for most of the game. However, assigning a widget to each of these buttons means you have to try to place them, but it's much more convenient and easier for you.

open conveyor belts

A fox explores a rocky landscape in Tunica. © Submitted by Digital Trends A jackal explores a rocky landscape in Tonk.

It is a very large world due to its small screen-to-screen size. Even with the ability to play whatever you want, it would be extremely difficult to return to the entire world after exploring so much of it. Fortunately, this is where the teleportation system comes in.

Teleporters appear as large golden cubes on raised platforms. It won't do you any good to delve into it, but don't assume you're missing an item or something. All you have to do to activate it is stand up and press A or X until your fox is pulled into some kind of central teleportation area. From here you can easily navigate between all the teleportation devices you have found in the world. You still have to do the initial exploration, of course, but this is especially useful if you want to look for secrets and collect items or collectibles that you may have missed in earlier areas.

Check your angles

A large floating castle in Tunica. © Provided by Digital Trends A large floating castle in Tonk.

Speaking of secrets, Tonk hides a lot from you. Given the game's isometric perspective, hidden paths and treasures should be ignored unless you've scratched every screen looking for those secret paths. Once you find a few, you can mark the areas where the geometry is hiding something that you can access intuitively.

The fox will also help you a bit by giving you an exact indication of the areas where he can be a secret. You have to watch closely, but fox ears will travel to certain sights if you are close enough to them. In these cases, just follow the ears to reach the hidden treasure, the path or even the entire area in front of you!

wear your fox

While this won't help you defeat bosses, who wouldn't love the option to dress up your main character? Once you find the old house, your fox can wear different clothes and colors. Of course, like just about anything else, Tunic won't say it's possible.

To access this feature, go south from the old house to the pool. From this point, climb a group of trees to an area hidden behind them, where you'll find a series of chests. Interact with them to change clothes and colors to give your fox a new look.

Accessibility is a choice

An adventurous fox swinging his sword in a robe at the screen. © Submitted by Digital Trends An adventurous fox swings his sword on screen in his tunic.

Tunic isn't an easy game by default, but it's one you want players of all levels and abilities to enjoy. Accessibility options allow you to tailor the game's challenges to exactly what you want. If you just prefer to enjoy adventure and exploration, or you just want a frustrating boss fight, you can turn invincible mode on and off at will. You can also disable the durability system entirely for a traditional Zelda-esque combat experience.

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