Ukrainian Film Industry Stages Film Awards In Bunker Amid Ongoing War

Ukrainian Film Industry Stages Film Awards In Bunker Amid Ongoing War

Another sign of the enduring resilience and determination of the Ukrainian people was the fifth awards ceremony of the National Circle of Film Critics of Ukraine, called Kinokolo, which took place on Thursday despite the ongoing war in the country.

The event took place in a bunker in Kiev and was broadcast live from an underground studio on the state-owned Suspilon Kultura TV channel, days after Russian airstrikes hit key infrastructure in the capital and destroyed 30% of the country's power plants. to the president. . . Vladimir Zelensky.

Such projects as Dmitry Sukhalitskyi-Sabchuk Kan's Fortnite Pumphir Director, Marina Gorbach's Klondike and Are you OK ?, were recognized by local film critics. . Natalya Varozbit.

"Pamphyr," a drama about a man who, returning from abroad in western Ukraine, encounters corruption in a small town, won the most awards: best feature film and best director, Sukhalitsky-Sabchuk and best screenplay. for the beginning of the year. . Best Debut Film Award.

After winning Bad Roads in 2020, actress Oksana Cherkashina won her second Best Actor award for Klondike . The fortune teller about a Ukrainian woman tormented by the war in Europe was recognized as the best short film, and Alexei Rodinsky 's " Infinity. Laut Florian" received the "Best Documentary Film" award.

Created by Kyiv Film Critics Week, Kinokolon was established in 2018 as an annual award of the country's film critics community, designed to celebrate the achievements of Ukrainian film and film industry figures. In previous years, " Stop the Earth ", " Atlantis ", " Home" and " Donbass " were recognized as the best films of the year.

More than seven months have passed since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, and nearly 8 million people have become internally displaced and 7.7 million refugees have already left the country. Those who remained fought to defend their country. The country is set to cut power this week following ongoing Russian attacks on its power plants.

Ukraine's film industry has worked tirelessly to gain support from their country so that their voices and stories are not forgotten, and has widely called on major film festivals to boycott Russian-backed projects.

Here is the full list of Kinokolo winners:

Best feature filmPamfir , directed by Dmitry Sukhalitsky-Sabchuk, produced by Alexander Kostin, Iveniya Yatsuta, Artem Kolyubayev, Alena Tymoshenko, Laura Brand, Bogdana Shevchik, Claudia Smea-Rasvarovskaya, Giancarlo Nasi, Al-Assad, Al-Assad, Al – Asad.

Best short film . You are right: Director Natalka Varazhbit, producer Denis Krupnov, Natalka Varazhbit

Best documentary filmInfinity. by Florian , directed by Alexey Radzinski, produced by Luba Narozok

Best animated filmVIR, EUROPE , directors Marina Stepanskaya, Anna Dudko, producer Galina Shin

Discovery of the year"Pamphyr" , directed by Dmitry Sukhalitskyi-Sabchuk

Best director – Dmitry Sukhalitskyi-Sabchuk ( "Pamphyr" )

Best Actor – Oleksandr Yatsentiuk ( Pamfir )

Best Actress – Oksana Cherkasnya ("Klondike")

Best screenplay – Dmitry Sukhalitskyi-Sabchuk ( Pamfir )

Buy Ukrainian writers about Ukrainian or foreign cinema: Stanislav Bytsutsky, Alena Pentsy, Oleksandr Tylyuk for the series " Strange ", " Strange", " Fantastic ".

Special Award – Dimitra "Orest" Kazatsky, Mantas Kvedarovicius

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