Vance, Cruz Roll Into Hanoverton

Vance, Cruz Roll Into Hanoverton

Ohio Republican Senate candidate JD Vance shares his "Bring America Back" message as he stands on stage in front of the Spread Eagle Tavern during a public rally Friday in Hanoverton.

"Ohio is a battlefield to take back the country, " Cruz said.

Cruz and Vance arrived in Hanover for the Take Back America bus tour on Friday, and throngs of people gathered for a public meeting on Plymouth Boulevard in front of the historic pub, attended by many Republican dignitaries. The bus was also supposed to stop in Marietta on Friday.

Vance spoke about the inflation caused by the policies of President Joe Biden, the problems at the southern border, and the need to unlock the power and support of the Ohio police. He talked about his family and second chances and said that the American dream dreamed of a second chance. These opportunities cannot come under the current administration.

Vance has criticized the record of his Democratic opponent, Rep. Tim Ryan, saying he always agrees with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Biden and has been in power for 20 years. He asked the crowd to take him back to Youngstown for a real job.

US Senator Ted Cruz of Texas cheers on the crowd at a rally in Hannover. The Republican traveled the country on the so-called Take Back America Tour and met the likes of JD Vance along the way.

"Maybe we should fire Tim Ryan," he joked.

Vance asked the audience to bring as many friends and family members to the polls as possible and tell them what's at stake, why they should vote for him, and why they shouldn't promote Ryan to the United States Senate.

Izzy Levy, a spokesperson for Tim of Ohio, said in a written response that Ryan ran against Pelosi for House speaker in 2016 and was one of the first Democrats to say Biden should not run for president in 2024.

JD Vance is lying about Tim, one of the most bipartisan members of Congress, and relying on out-of-state allies because he's an undercover thief who kicked in the door, says Big Pharma in the epicenter of Ohio's opioid epidemic, while Levy said that law enforcement "corrupt". He believes that it is "reasonable" to force victims of rape or incest to have a child with the rapist .

During one of his speeches, Vance recalled seeing a woman crying in the crowd. He came up to her after we finished and asked her why she was crying and he knew her story was similar to her mother's but her daughter died of an overdose and she was trying to raise her grandchildren on the price of food and money. gasoline etc stand up. .

Demonstration participants were asked to sign the Take Back America bus.

“You deserve the best from your federal government. You deserve the best of your leadership,” he said .

Cruz told conflicting stories about the United States being in crisis due to rampant inflation, rising prices of everything, and the bad domestic, economic, and foreign policies of the Biden administration. But he also said he was recovering.

“I am here to tell you that this country is waking up, ” Cruz said, adding that people's eyes are opening.

On Election Day, he said, they won't just see a red wave. “We will have a red tsunami. We will return the House of Representatives and the Senate.

After the rally, Cruz and Vance met with the press to answer questions about wellness, the economy, price increases and whether Cruz is looking forward to 2024.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, Republican from Texas (left), and Republican Senate candidate from Ohio JD Vance sign autographs and pose for photos after the rally.

“We need to stop borrowing and spending money we don't have, ” Vance said.

He also said Social Security and Medicare need to be funded, adding that reckless spending threatens Social Security. Cruz said he is currently focused on 2022 and supports his fellow Republicans.

"America is popular here," said David Johnson, chairman of the Republican Party for the District of Columbia, looking out over the crowd.

Addressing a few people as they waited for the meeting to start, he said: “Everyone is glad we're here. When a patriot comes to a small town like Hanoverton, it's a little bit special."

Johnson said Vance called him to stop the Hanoverton bus tour. Johnson and his family own the Spread Eagle and announced it at JD Vance Day at the Tavern with special guest Ted Cruz.

A crowd of supporters supports Republican candidate for Senate from Ohio, JD Vance, and US Senator Ted Cruz, Texas.

As usual, when guests of honor and patriotic politicians come to town, he names two chairs after him, and the chairs are engraved with their names.

Other guests included Ohio Republican Attorney General Dave Yost and Ohio Supreme Court Justices Sharon Kennedy, Pat DeWine and Pat Fisher, all Republicans on the ticket, with Kennedy running for Chief Justice against the Democratic Supreme Court Justice Jennifer Brunner. Yost, Devine and Fisher prepare for the election against their Democratic opponents.

Several other candidates also participated in the November 8 vote, including a state senator. Mike Rowley, R. Salem, Candidates for State Representative, Republican Monica Rob Blasdale (79th District) and Independent Greg Pate (59th District), Republican DC Commissioner Mike Hulick, and Republican Mark Hanna, Candidate for Justice of the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Johnson said it was an opportunity for residents to hear directly from Vance about his vision for America, saying he was in contrast to Ryan, who said he agreed with Pelosi and Biden.

"Our national economy has entered an abyss," he said .

US Senator Ted Cruz, D-Tx, and Republican Senate candidate JD Vance, D-Ohio, meet with the press after Friday's rally in Hanoverton. More photos at (Photo by Mary Ann Greer)

Henry Bergfield of Summitville said he came to the meeting to listen.

“I know it's a pretty close election. I am against full-time politicians like the ones Ryan and I have. All he did was support Pelosi and Biden. His record does not show that he is independent," Bergfield said .

As a resident of a small town where a Canadian company wants to build a 13-foot-tall power plant with solar panels, she cares about her community.

"If this solar project starts to come to fruition, Summitville will become a ghost town," he said . “We have to worry about agricultural land.

Tractors lined Plymouth Street in support of agriculture, some carrying signs announcing FAKS, the Franklin v. Solar Energy Political Action Committee. Kensington, which opposes the solar panel project. Bergfeld wore a FAKS shirt.

Kim Balint of Homeworth held up a banner that read " Biden inflated, the cost of voting is absurd, " "We're definitely conservative. We support everything JD Vance believes."

After the meeting, Vance and Cruz invited members of the crowd to join them outside the bus to take photos and sign autographs, as well as sign on the bus. Speaking of the National Bus Tour, which started in Texas and runs through 17 states, Cruz told the audience, "Sign the bus so you can ride with us."

Beverly Ryan of Youngstown said she attended a rally in Ganoverton four years ago and wanted to come hear Vance and Cruz, adding her signature to the roughly 1,000 people already lined up on either side of the bus.

"We have to take America back," he said .

Before Vance and Cruz arrived, Hamilton County District Attorney Joe Deeters, a former Ohio State Treasurer, pulled up behind the Spread Eagle Tavern and gave an affirmative answer on a Version 1 bus announcing the number 1 of Ohio, a constitutional amendment that allows judges to retroactively review safety issues. community When defendants are released on bail. Earlier this year, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that only judges can determine whether bail will guarantee a defendant's appearance in court.

“Everything is in your hands now,” he told the crowd.

Yost also spoke in favor of the number 1, sharing a disturbing story about a man who went out and shot his father in front of his four children, noting that people might wonder why he ended up on the street. He then went on to describe the Ohio Supreme Court decision and Need #1.

After introducing multiple candidates and attacking Ryan, Pelosi, Biden and Schumer before Vance took the stage, Johnson said, “Our entire future depends on the next election. If we don't stop these idiots, we won't have a country."

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Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost spoke in favor of State Question 1.

Republican Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy, a former police officer, drew the audience. She is a candidate for the position of President of the Supreme Court.

Sen. Mike Rowley, R-Salem, speaks briefly onstage, followed by DC GOP Chairman David Johnson.

Hamilton County District Attorney Joe Detters, former Ohio Treasurer, talks about State Issue 1, a constitutional amendment that allows judges to consider public integrity when bailing out.

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