Warzone 2.0 DMZ Tips And Tricks: How To Play CODs Newest Game Mode

Warzone 2.0 DMZ Tips And Tricks: How To Play CODs Newest Game Mode

While the default multiplayer modes in the Call of Duty series have kept players coming back for over a decade, it was the launch of Warzone in 2019 that launched the series with one of the most polished and immersive battle royale modes yet led to new heights. Unlike yearly releases, this free-to-play mode has been iterated and updated over the years and is only now being replaced by a full sequel called Warzone 2.0 .

Besides improving the core Battle Royale mode with new maps, mechanics, weapons and more, Warzone 2.0 also introduces a new mode called DMZ. This mode is inspired by games like Escape From Tarkov, where the runs are shorter and the focus is on progressing through the map, collecting as much valuable loot as possible by completing tasks and reaching the Exfil location before getting killed by the AI ​​or the players… others. This mode requires a different mindset than others in Call of Duty, so here are some tips and tricks to make your first DMZ a success.

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Put down the gun

Even before you start your first match in the DMZ, you'll automatically receive a stash equipped with two weapons: the M4 and the shotgun. You should get rid of this weapon now because while it can be useful in very specific situations, it probably costs more than it helps. You see, if you inevitably die in the DMZ, you lose everything you own. So holding a gun is a waste. Also, unlocking free weapon slots makes it easier to get the best weapons in the field, which you can hopefully take with you.

This is how caches work

Speaking of saving, DMZ has a new mechanic called Stash. Your Stash is your inventory for the DMZ, which consists of four sections: Soldiers, Hair, Charges, and Weapons.

Your on-soldier slot is easier. What you fill in here is what your operator will be wearing when they arrive at the DMZ. These include self revive, armor, kill belts, and gas masks.

Mainstay is where you keep any keycards that you receive but don't use during a game. Key cards are used to unlock the fortress, and drawing them allows you to take them to the next game from the start, so you don't have to find them on the map.

The download should be familiar to anyone who has recently played a Call of Duty game. This is where you customize your weapons and gear, and upgrade the playing field for future games.

Last is your weapon tank. Although it looks like it will be the same as your loadout, this is where all the weapons you can use in your loadout are stored. Right from the start, you get some free contraband weapons that are exclusive to DMZ mode. As mentioned in the first clue, if you die in a match using any of these weapons, these weapons are lost forever. Any weapons you get from other players or from the AI ​​that work will be added to this pool.

If you find a weapon that doesn't go away even if you die, put it in your vault. Any weapon placed in one of these locations will remain in the DMZ even if it dies, even though the weapon has a cooldown timer. You start with one protected slot, but you can unlock more.

Complete faction missions

Faction missions are also new to Warzone 2.0 . These are objectives you can complete in the DMZ that can earn you additional contraband, XP, tokens, operator skins, weapon blueprints, and other rewards. This mission relates to the three factions in DMZ mode, but must be completed before starting the game. You can choose up to three to activate at once, and completing them will level you up in the mission for that faction.

This faction's missions start out easy, like robbing five lockers and five backpack items, or winning and spending $60,000 in one game, but then get more difficult. Of course, the more they got, the better the rewards.

Only keep the good stuff

Even more than Battle Royale mode, DMZ mode is packed with loot. You will find all kinds of junk to fill your inventory, such as lamps, but these are very low-value items and should be ignored. In this mode, your inventory space is limited, so prioritize the good stuff, like old game consoles, laptops, and wine, which can be sold for more money when sold, or turned into more experiences when stored and redeemed.

Fight from afar

You'll fight a combination of AI and player-controlled enemies in the DMZ, but in any case, it's best to fight from further away. AI soldiers, especially in the DMZ, aren't very accurate at long range and usually allow you and your team to wipe out entire units without much risk. Entering from the field first will give you a better view of the area and keep you alert. There are almost always more enemies in an area than meets the eye, and once the bullets start flying those invisible AI soldiers will make themselves felt.

Of course, other players are less predictable, but with long shots you can at least choose the right time to shoot or not, and you can get a few free shots before tracking where you're attacking from.

There is a plan

Most of the time, plans in Warzone 2.0 's Battle Royale mode are created and adjusted manually. It doesn't work well in DMZ mode. Because you're in control of what you do, where you go, and most importantly when you're away, a plan is put in place so you don't overdo it and die in too many runs. Luckily, DMZ mode provides an easy target of its own.

Faction missions are an obvious way to set goals in the game, they are easy to follow and always give you rewards to look forward to when you get out.

Strongholds and bosses are two of the most ideal targets. Sure, you can go in, kill the AI ​​and maybe a few players, grab what you find, and come back out, but that's how you progress at a snail's pace. DMZ rounds last 30 minutes, which might seem like a long time, but it goes by faster than you might think, and it's even faster when you get killed while wandering aimlessly.

Use a vehicle

Speaking of timing, if you get a free vehicle, take it. The DMZ is huge and it can be dangerous and difficult to get around on foot. Not only do vehicles allow you to move around faster and safer, they are also great tools for knocking out AI. These bots are terrible at dodging oncoming mechs, even bosses, so dropping them is an easy way to get some easy kills.

Finally, having a vehicle to take you to the Exfil area is almost a must. This is the time when you are most vulnerable and when you are resting it can be very painful.

Exfil locations are random but can be reused

And that brings us to the Exfil site. You can never rely on exfiltrates from the same place every two DMZ matches as they are randomly selected each time you join a match. Take a moment to look at them while you're in-game to plan where to go once you've reached your destination or in an emergency. You can easily find out where all the exfil points are in your game by looking at the exit icons on the map.

However, every other team in your game has the same exfil points as you. Not only can this lead to intense combat, but it can also result in you arriving at one of these locations after the other team calls and boarding a chopper to take off. When this happens you will find that you cannot call Exfil, but do not despair and do not risk going elsewhere. Once the current departing team departs, the point will reactivate and you can call the nearest getaway helicopter.

Stop while ahead

This is the most unique part of the DMZ compared to other Call of Duty game modes and most FPS games. In any other mode, you'll fight to the death, but in DMZ you'll have to balance the risks and rewards of surviving the game, trying to earn more experience, weapons, and other loot, with the possibility of losing everything if you die. This goes back to the goal setting tip, but you should always think about when it's the right time to start monetizing what you have.

A full inventory, especially if you've bought a new weapon or a lot of valuable loot, is a good indicator that there's no reason to wait, such as: B. Completing one or more faction missions.

When you decide it's time to go, head to the nearest Exfil point and call in a helicopter. You don't just have to wait for the helicopter to arrive, you have to wait for it to take off, giving the other team ample opportunity to lure you in at the last minute, as an exfil call will alert everyone in the game.

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