Wellsville Police Levy Slated For A Recount

Wellsville Police Levy Slated For A Recount

LISBON. The D.C. Elections Commission certified the results of the Nov. 8 general election on Tuesday, which resulted in Wellsville police arresting residents.

All of the overnight elections were unchanged except for the Wellsville police election, which officially failed by three votes on Election Day, but ultimately passed by two after absentee and advance ballots were counted.

Election night results showed 337%, or 49.78%, voted in favor of the additional levy, while 340, or 50.22%, voted against the levy, which is intended to provide, maintain and operate the city's police department in addition to vehicles . , means of communication and money. Salaries of department employees.

After adding another 31 advance and absentee ballots, the results show that 346, or 50.14%, voted for the response, and 344, or 49.86%, voted against.

If the difference between the voters is half a percent, the votes are counted automatically. According to Director of Elections Kim Fusco, if there had been a difference of four votes instead of two, a recount would not have been necessary.

"The half-percent error is 3.45 votes, so if it is adopted by four votes, there will be no need for a recount, " Fusco said. "Since he only made two passes, the countdown starts automatically."

Votes will be counted at the District of Columbia Election Commission on December 6 at 8:00 AM.

After the inspection, a post-election inspection will be conducted. The audit will include the gubernatorial election (governor's election), the US Senate and the state Senate. Ohio's secretary of state is dominating the races for governor and U.S. Senate with competitive third-party elections. The state Senate race was a lottery.

The public may attend for counting and verification.

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