Why Educational Institutions Need Standardized Wireless Broadband Solutions (Reader Forum)

Why Educational Institutions Need Standardized Wireless Broadband Solutions (Reader Forum)

Digitization is rapidly changing all levels of education. In K-12 schools, colleges and universities, the evolution of data-driven technology has opened the door to many exciting applications for online learning and campus management. To take advantage of these applications, schools need a network that provides reliable and high-performance campus communications and ensures that all students have access to broadband services.

Patented campus Wi-Fi solution exceeds expectations

Educational institutions recognize this need and are working to modernize their networks for the digital age. To date, many have focused on complementing their fixed Ethernet infrastructure by upgrading or expanding existing Wi-Fi networks on campus.

Some of these institutions opt for a do-it-yourself approach that involves integrating Wi-Fi hotspots, Internet routers, cables, and open source software into the network. However, their IT departments often lack the technical skills and resources to succeed in this endeavor. In addition, the limitations of Wi-Fi technology prevent most home solutions from meeting capacity, range, reliability, security, and mobility requirements. They tend to be more expensive than expected when ordered.

A standards-based LTE solution eliminates risk

It is a better and more predictable approach for institutions to partner with state-of-the-art solutions providers and recognized standards to deploy private wireless networks based on standard 4.9G/LTE technology. Private 4.9G/LTE networks meet the requirements of demanding digital applications with highly reliable, ubiquitous indoor and outdoor coverage, high bandwidth, low latency, high security and mobility-free. They also reduce risk by offering easier deployment, lower total cost of ownership, and better upgradeability than Wi-Fi.

By complementing existing Wi-Fi and Ethernet infrastructure with dedicated 4.9G/LTE networks, institutions can provide broadband connectivity for all and support next-generation campus services and educational applications. They can also pave the way for 5G wireless technology, which will take network performance and coverage to the next level and open up many opportunities for study, study and work.

Connection to innovative educational apps

Private 4.9G/LTE networks enable schools to use technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance classroom learning and provide students with online learning experiences.

For example, a high-performance private wireless network can allow educators to use the metaverse to access virtual spaces for students to meet, collaborate, and learn. Imagine taking a virtual tour of the Taj Mahal or rehearsing a live orchestra from afar. In addition, private 4.9G/LTE networks can use AR/VR tools to help students practice and learn technical skills that will help them succeed in their careers, whether they want to become surgeons, aircraft mechanics or electrical engineers.

A private 4.9G/LTE network can be the basis for connecting educational applications based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. In K-12 schools, this app can help teachers implement adaptive learning and tailor resources to the needs of each student. In higher education, they can use chatbots that provide highly adaptive and personalized learning.

Bridging the digital divide

The pandemic has highlighted the digital divide that still exists for millions of students. Private wireless networks help K-12 schools and local governments bridge this gap by providing students with broadband access. Schools in urban areas can use private 4.9G/LTE networks to provide reliable high-speed Internet access to unconnected or unattended homes. In rural areas where students live further from campus, schools can combine private wireless with fixed wireless access (FWA) gateways at or near students' homes to provide equal access to online learning.

On college and university campuses, private wireless networks can improve connectivity in student dormitories and dormitories. They can support low-cost high-speed Internet access, emergency calls, and smart home services that improve quality of life and empower all students to succeed.

Improve campus performance

The benefits of a standards-based private wireless network can extend to campus operations. For example, a 4.9G/LTE network can enhance campus security by connecting it to trusted systems such as cameras, smoke detectors, emergency call buttons, and surveillance drones. They can increase efficiency and increase operational awareness by enabling campus staff to communicate via click-to-talk and click-to-video services. And they can keep students, staff and visitors informed by linking digital ads featuring general, travel, or emergency information.

Institutions opting for private 4.9G/LTE connectivity can improve student and campus life with new e-services for meals, event tickets, housing services and community engagement. The full mobility offered by 4.9G/LTE networks and future 5G networks will allow drone or autonomous vehicle delivery services to complement these capabilities.

Schools today must invest in private wireless networks

The rapid development and adoption of technology has forced K-12 schools, colleges and universities to digitize their tools, services and applications. These organizations cannot rely on their own Wi-Fi solutions. They need reliable wireless broadband technology that will enable rapid and successful digital transformation.

Personal wireless solutions based on standard 4.9G/LTE technology can meet these needs by meeting the stringent requirements of security, reliability, range, mobility, bandwidth, and flexibility of digital applications. This solution is available for implementation today. Using private wireless, schools will be ready to support innovative campus, communication and education services to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of students, faculty and staff.

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