‘Yellowjackets Season 2, Episode 4 Review: A Bit Of A Mixed Bag

‘Yellowjackets Season 2, Episode 4 Review: A Bit Of A Mixed Bag

As always, the latest episode of Yellowjackets had many great moments and plenty of moments that made us think and think. At the same time, I found some scenes to be a bit silly or a bit powerful. Maybe I'm overthinking the whole thing, but something about the old wounds felt a little uncomfortable to me, just as meeting the newly surviving teenagers felt a little overwhelming and overwhelming.

What happened:

  • Lottie's hallucinations during her ghostly encounter with Nat. He descends the stairs of the plane where Laura Lee exploded and finds himself in a shopping mall. He sits down to eat with his friends, but he's shaking and apparently his death in the real world is beginning to freeze.
  • The opening song! The best, weirdest, weirdest thing about this episode is what you missed if you skipped the prologue I didn't notice it at first, but suddenly I started to feel the difference. It was more aggressive and for a reason: it's a cover of Alanis Morissette's song:

"I love the original version of 'No Return,'" Morissette said, "It's a great song." "It was a bit intimidating when I was asked to reinvent it, but I see a similarity between 'Yellowjackets' and my approach to songwriting: a sheer intensity that goes over the top without fear of crossing the line."

The original song was written by Craig Vedren and Anna Warnker, who wrote all of Yellowjacket's original music (which is often perfectly paired with songs by artists such as Tori Amos).

  • Misty and Walter's adventures are fun and even a bit magical. The whole montage of the two getting ready at the B&B was cute, if a little awkward. I still have a trick up Walter's sleeve. Or is he a millionaire with lots of free time.
  • Tae's swinging scenes between her halves had the same TV twist as Bean Bowl's flashbacks. I think that is the beginning of the effect . This villain casts a terrible spell on them.
  • I loved how the brooding, rebellious teenager became a happy, available person again after Shauna confessed to Kelly. He didn't care that his mother killed a man, he just wanted to tell the truth and be informed. But… will he talk about his new love, an undercover cop?
  • While I didn't like the hunting competition, I liked the division between reason and belief that was evident in the group. Lottie represents faith, although she is not a huge fan of her faith. It's just, you take it for granted. Others believe it is driven by people who believe it. Nat and Tai are the most resistant to it. Nat, because he's just a very logical person, and Ty, because he's completely terrified of what he's seen and what's happening to him that he can't explain.
  • Nat is a hero though. I have decided. Although Tai has heroic tendencies, he is also corrupted by ambition and the evil that harbors him. Lottie is a prophet, and I think she means well, and she might be the closest thing to a hero, but her visions and connection to the forest animals make her dangerous. Shauna is not a hero. He's a likable character, but he's a murderer, a liar, and above all, he's looking out for number one. It's blurry, although I like the weirdness of, well… it's blurry. What more can one say. In both the present and the past, Nat is the only character who truly tries to help others and do the right thing. He's royally spoiled – his life is just a mess – but deep down, he's the best of them all.
  • Adult Vans has a video star called While You Were Streaming, an obvious nod to his love of Sandra Bullock's While You Were Sleeping, and a great name for a video store. I'm glad we finally got to see it, even if it was cut right after the credits.
  • We also have Xavi who appears to have grown six inches taller. He survived, no wonder. Does it have anything to do with stealing meat, defecating in huts and mud in the jungle? Tae and Wan discovered this after finding yellow symbols all over the forest (and mapping them to show that they had created a giant yellow symbol). Why would a man without eyes bring them to Xavi? Or is it just a coincidence?
  • Adult Lottie is scared. He walks up to his small chest and cuts off his hands like in the past. You say, "Please let it be enough." Lottie was scared when she first found the cabin in the woods, but the fear left her. The return of his fear is as scary as anything else on this show.

What didn't work:

  • Things have been tough for the teenagers this week. I don't know how to describe it. The affair between Nat and Lottie, while brilliantly handled, was hilarious. Fun and Tai had a lot of balls in the air as they entered this contest chasing their chips. This show is often able to juggle multiple subplots with incredible skill, but it just didn't quite work for me.
  • To make matters worse, I really didn't like this episode of Mary. I mean, I'm guessing you hate him at this point, but I thought his scenes were mishandled. "He thinks he's better than us," he said of Coach Ben, but it wasn't convincing, like it came out of nowhere. He also sensed Lottie's strange temperament. Maybe it should have been, but to me it was a piece of ham. Yes, we know that Ben will be pushed to the "other" side – those who haven't eaten human flesh versus those who haven't – but let's not make it too obvious, shall we? I understand that these two have had disagreements with each other in the past, and maybe it's just some latent tension, but it didn't affect me too much.
  • Also, for the past week, Ben has been bedridden and unresponsive. Now he is climbing. And his stolen bear meat joke is, "If I do this, what are you going to do with it? Eat me?" He gently throws her out the window, not in a good way.
  • The cult girl Nat and I killed, Lisa, had a small side mission this week, but only a good one. . . Maybe a little out? Nat acts as the young woman's protector, protecting her from her helpless mother and stealing a goldfish from her. When they talk about suicide, Nat says she doesn't want to kill herself today and pushes the drink away, which I think is Blairy bursting through the door and Nat feeling the full effect of D' saving herself.

Obviously, the good things outweigh the bad here, but it's the most embarrassing moments, the forced set pieces and the less perfect feel than usual on this show that really stand out. It's a shame. When a show is this good at almost everything, its weaknesses are inevitable. I still enjoy the show, but I must admit that I have two fears, the first being fear. Bad things happen. scary stuff The second is controversial. How can they achieve this satisfactorily? I've been burned many times before, and this show is a lot like getting lost . There is a revelation in this episode!

Note: At one point we see Coach Ben reading The Magus by John Fowles. I haven't read the book, but the description on Amazon says:

A man is caught in the millionaire's deadly game of political and sexual betrayal

Full of shocks and terrifying surprises, "The Magician" is a masterpiece of modern literature. In it, a young Englishman named Nicholas Orff takes a teaching job on a Greek island, where his friendship with the island's most sinister owner leads to a nightmare. As reality and fantasy are deliberately mixed with artificial deaths, sensual encounters and gruesome violence, Alias ​​becomes a desperate man fighting for his sanity and his life.

Filled with allegory, riddles and mazes, "The Magician" is not only thought-provoking but also entertaining, and ranks among the best novels of our time.

If there are any clues here, they seem to be parallels we can draw between it and the show. Of course, most of these descriptions can be applied to Yellow Vest with slight modifications.

What do you think about old wounds? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook.

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